Detectives are continuing to investigate the circumstances behind a human bone being discovered in a reservoir in Stalybridge on Saturday afternoon.

The bone was discovered at Chadwick Dam on Mellor Road in a dredged pond.

The bone, which is now believed to be a left femur, has been sent off for DNA testing and carbon dating.

Detective Inspector Dave Loughlin, from GMP’s Tameside borough, said: “We are doing everything we can to not only understand how this bone came to be here but also who it belonged to.

“While we are waiting on the test results we will continue our enquiries but ultimately, a lot of the key information we need will be in those results which unfortunately do take time to come back.

We are aware of speculation about the bone, particularly discoloration. Until we have the test results we are not in any position to confirm what happened. Lots of circumstances could result in discoloration, including decomposition because of damp conditions.
“We know this is a particularly popular spot with dog walkers and people fishing, so I would urge anyone who may have any information to call police.”


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