With coronavirus not looking as though it will be leaving us any time soon, and we continue to be stuck in the middle of a pandemic, it’s now more than ever that we should support our local, British brands. Christmas is just around the corner, which makes this the perfect time to buy presents from British brands and support our economy. So, how can we do this and what are the benefits? Let’s take a closer look, below. 

Buy Locally 

Whether you choose to shop in your local village, your closest market or even the neighbouring town, buying locally is a brilliant way to support small businesses and British brands. By buying British gifts from British brands, less transportation is required. This also means that there is less infrastructure and waste, which is better for the environment, as opposed to goods being transported by ships or planes overseas. By delivering goods by rail or truck, it is more fuel-efficient than by shipping by air. 

Buying locally also allows you to help support and build the community. Buying produce and gifts from local farmers and small businesses is beneficial as they reinvest into the local economy. It’s alway best to stay as local as you can when buying your food or presents for family, friends or colleagues. In fact, local farmers are better as they don’t rely upon mass-production techniques. Therefore, they don’t use harmful chemicals, hormones, genetic modification or preservatives. Eat tastier and healthier foods by shopping directly from farmer to consumer. 

You will also find that doing business with local farmers and businesses will mean that you receive better customer service. It will be more personalised and meaningful, as opposed to doing business with a corporation. 

When buying locally you are buying a product of quality that will last a long time. The product won’t have been mass produced, so it will feel more as if you are getting a unique product or gift. It’s a more customised approach if you know the person who made the product, plus you can learn the story behind the brand better than if you buy from a large company overseas. 

Social Media 

A really easy way to show your support to British brands in addition to buying from local businesses, is to share their pages on social media. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, there are so many social platforms you can utilise to share a local British brand with your followers, friends and family. What’s more, if you have purchased a product from the brand you can post about it for others to see, as well as write reviews to help add credibility to the brand and the service. In turn, this should help to encourage others to buy from the same brand and help boost their revenue and increase their brand awareness and visibility online. 

As you can see, there are a number of ways to support British brands and so many benefits. Now more than ever it’s important to support and help to build local businesses to help drive the British economy. 


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