When you are out shopping in Manchester do you use coupons to save money on purchases? If not you should do so because coupons are an easy way to save a lot of cash on individual items and the weekly family shop.

The tedious task of clipping coupons and travelling from store to store to compare prices is long gone. Now you can utilise the mobile app from UK-based Buyvia to select, organize and use coupons to save up to 50% on the price of many things that you want or need. That includes food, clothes, household items, and more. The app is simple to use, and because it’s personalised you only get the coupons you want, not endless pages of things you would never buy or use.

How it works

Log onto the Buyvia UK website and sign-up for one of the two options. It takes just a few minutes. There is a free of charge membership option, which offers general coupons and deals, and an upgraded membership for which there is a charge. The advantage of the latter option is that it allows you to personalise your coupons based on the items and stores you use most, including some of the big brand outlets in the Arndale Centre. The cost of the upgraded Buyvia membership is only £9.99 per month and the direct debit system makes it super easy. The Buyvia UK website uses a powerful algorithm to curate deals from across the internet that are automatically added to your basket. It also uses a price comparison tool that allows you to compare deals from various stores or to scan bar codes to find the best deal. Buyvia also sends your coupons via email and informs you when there is a price drop.

Where to begin

We know that couponing can be overwhelming because there is such a huge choice. Here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Broaden your horizons – coupons apply to more than grocery stores. These days, they can be used almost anywhere. Jot down the stores that you use most and begin your journey there. Think about your favourite restaurants, retail shops and service-based stores like dry cleaners.
  • Use your time wisely – why waste your time saving pennies when you can save pounds? Go for the biggest savings first.
  • Consider switching brands – you might be able to get a discount on your kids’ favourite breakfast cereal but if you are willing to try another brand, you might be able to get it for free.
  • Start small – pick three stores or the grocery items you use most. After you get used to using those coupons, expand to include the next tier.
  • Make it a Game – get together with friends or the kids and see who can get the best coupons. Pick a prize for the winner.
  • Reward yourself – give yourself a present whenever you save money. It doesn’t have to be anything big; even a small reward will encourage you to keep going.

Buyvia’s first high street stores

Now that you have the hang of it, go big! This summer Buyvia is going to open its first store on Oxford Street where customers will see thousands of deals at first hand, and save a bundle. Not in London? Don’t fret – over the next two years the company does plan to open a store in Manchester, plus outlets in  Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow.



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