Fortnite has come a long way and we are already at Season 6 of Chapter 2 and with that we have got some ton of new awesome updates that we need to keep an eye out to make sure that we hit the XP jackpot in our games. 

Now there are no easy ways or shortcuts to level up faster in Fortnite but there sure are some quick tips and tricks that you can use in your games to make the most out of them. These tips and tricks while not being entirely alien are already there for you to try out and while some of them are entirely free, there are cheap ways to increase your level in the shortest possible time to get you through the Battle Pass.

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Complete Missions and Weekly Challenges:

One of the easiest ways to grind that XP fast in Fortnite is to complete all the missions alongside the weekly challenges and the best thing about it all is that now you don’t even need to have a battle pass to get started with all these weekly challenges and missions.

For completing each of the mission, you can get you up to a XP of 52,000. Just imagine, how much XP you could make completing all the missions and challenges in a week’s time.

Play with Friends:

Playing with friends when you can’t get yourself to complete some of missions or challenges alone is a great way to complete the task at hand. Especially the Party assist feature can come in handy while completing the missions along with your friends, which otherwise can prove to be some hassle.

Daily Missions

Daily missions can be great way to earn some quick yet hefty amount of XP. There are a ton of daily missions to be completed some more easier than the others and for completing each of the daily missions, you will be rewarded with some XP.

Make sure to check on these daily missions to complete them later on and by chance you don’t like any of the daily missions, you can always choose to re-roll on it and get a new one that actually works for you.

Earning Medals

Medals are given out as achievements for completion of certain task during the matches. The tasks can be of any nature whether it’s getting a number of kills, surviving the game, or even collecting the items.

Once you complete a certain task, you will be awarded a medal and once you have it maxed, you will get ton of XP in return. Keep in mind that your Punch card gets reset at the end of the day so make sure to max it out before it gets reset.

Now there are ton of other things that you could actually try to make the most out of your time in Fortnite and I hope that these tips and tricks might be of some help but if you are still having a hard time, get some help from these professional Fortnite players to boost your FN account.


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