You don’t need to worry about competitors on the other side of the country. You shouldn’t waste your money on bringing in customers who will never turn a sale. Narrowing your efforts will bring in greater results for far less capital, meaning you can reduce your marketing budget and see an increase in sales and repeat business all at once. 

Local marketing can be quite advanced and will need you to invest in SEO, website design, PR, and so much more. To help you get started, focus on these four areas: 

Improve Your Local SEO 

General SEO and Local SEO branch over in many ways. Having an optimised website will help improve conversion. Having the right landing pages will help improve conversion. Having an FAQ page will help conversion. The difference between general and local SEO in on your website are nominal, the difference off-site is significant. 

Off-site SEO requires tactics that will boost your ranking and your position on Google Maps. It is far more effective than regular SEO and gives you the chance to reach the top without having the top result. How this works and what you need to do are questions to ask an SEO agency in Manchester

Create a Community Space 

Repeat business is great for business. Repeat customers cost less to keep, and they are more likely to bring in friends or family. The way you turn a one-off sale into a repeat customer is by building a community. Online this can be done with newsletters, a great blog, and by bringing in new products on a semi-regular basis. 

In-person, however, you will need to be more creative. Add a small café area where you sell tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, as well as some local treats to your boutique and you will have an extra revenue stream and a reason for people to visit again and again. The more they see your products, the more likely they’ll leave with a purchase. 

Another way you can make a community space is by working with the community. Post flyers, hold raffles, and more. Make it a place where your community can come in and find local events in your niche. If you sell bikes, for example, then advertising biking events is a great way to encourage more people to get involved. 

Similarly, you could host classes, workshops, or events. That bike shop can host repair classes or workshops. That boutique can become a space for small designers to host their work and be a great destination for a launch event, and so on. 

Collaborate with Other Businesses 

Collaborate with other local businesses to create a strong sense of community and share in your success. You could host a pop-up event, for example, and then partner with a local café that will act as the caterer. You both get your cut from the guests, and in turn benefit from a symbiotic relationship. 

Alternatively, collaborate with organisations. Sponsor them and events so that your marketing gets out there and you build a relationship with your demographic. 


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