On Instagram, there are plenty of ways to grow your travel blog’s reach other than improving the quality of your content.  From digital marketing to increasing the quality of your content, collaborations and even encouraging viewers of your page to subscribe and like posts, the possibilities for growth are endless.  Even the best videographer will not find themselves as an influencer on Instagram without proper digital marketing techniques and a unique reach strategy.  In the modern, digital era of marketing, no business, including a travel blog will truly be optimized without a well thought out social media strategy.

In the business of making money on social media there are a lot of influential people who have found that working with a site that allows them to buy Instagram likes, take advantage of real viewers and and gradual delivery is a great route.  When you are first starting your IG page, new followers can be difficult to come by, yet are essential to growing your reach.  Without a diverse audience, attracting advertising partners can be nearly impossible.  In most cases, a boost from advertising or a few extra followers can help to accelerate and grow your channel past what takes other pages years to do.

The Advantage of Increasing Reach on Instagram for a Travel Blog

Some of the advantages of increasing the reach of your travel blog include more marketing opportunities, a larger audience, increased social media credibility and more!  If you are looking to attract more companies to advertise with or sponsor your exploration or travel content, a large reach is key.  A large reach will lead to more subscribers, more views on shared videos and eventually higher conversion rates when you do decide to monetize the IG channel.  There are travel bloggers across the world who get paid handsomely to journey across Europe and create content, don’t you want to join them?

If you are not convinced yet that Instagram is necessary for your growing travel blog, an article from codecondo explains why IG is a must for any business.  Whether you are just interested in more eyes on your daily travel posts or are hoping to build an international brand, an Instagram presence is going to help.  As the article clearly states, no business is fully completed without a proper social media strategy. 

In addition to Instagram, your business should also be establishing social media strategies for other apps including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, TikTok and more.  Just like Instagram, just about any social media following can be monetized, especially with how large the market for travel content is!  Over the past few years millions of individuals across the world have been gravitating towards engaging travel content.  

Improving the Quality of Content

By placing a focus on content that is being produced through your travel blog it can allow you to capture a larger percentage of the visitors who view your page.  This first impression that the initial piece of content any viewer stumbles upon is key to securing new followers and increased engagement.  Because of how important a first impression can be, each and every piece of content you produce should represent your blog as a whole.  As your company grows and you begin advertising or even purchasing followers through a well-known site, this concept becomes even more important because of the volume of traffic.  

Ask yourself the below questions and then cater your content to the target audience:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Does the target audience match up with my IG niche?
  • What content does that audience typically engage with?
  • How can I create that content?

It’s true, quality content on IG will help you stand out from the countless other travel blogs, but that is not the only way to grow your reach.

Other Instagram Tricks for your Travel Blog

Other methods of growing the reach of your travel blog include studying the algorithm of Instagram, collaborating with other creators, and encouraging growth through the acquisition of new followers.  While none of the below listed strategies are quite as effective without quality posts, they will all help nudge you towards your goal of increasing reach.  

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm:

As an ambitious travel influencer, it will be to your advantage to monitor other travel content that is connecting with a similar audience to yours.  Content that is being pushed to the top of your IG feed is an image or post that is being picked up by the algorithm and spread to a large audience.  At times, the pictures that you post are only shared with a portion of your audience which is exactly what studying the algorithm will help you to avoid.  Is there another competitive IG influencer who has seen a lot of success with certain imagery or tourism content?

Collaborating with other Travel Blogs:

One of the best-known ways to increase your reach is to collaborate with other channels that share the same niche as yours.  It is mutually beneficial in the way that their audience is exposed to your content and your audience gets a chance to view their posts as well.  An even better approach is to speak with someone who is in the tourism space but doesn’t full overlap with what you focus on.  This strategy will allow you to reach an entirely new audience than you had been able to before.  If you have not begun to reach out to other travel bloggers, now is the time to do so.  

Buying New Followers and Engagement:

A lesser-known way of growing reach and increasing the conversion rate of visitors to your channel is to purchase engagement. In the beginning, when your travel blog is brand new, 25 or even 100 extra votes of encouragement or followers can go a long way!  We all know that is can be difficult to grow a blog from scratch, which is why a lot of powerful channels are learning that a healthy kickstart from real, purchased followers makes all the difference.

All these strategies together, coupled with the increase of quality content can do wonders for any social media profile.  You’ll notice that as your posts begin to reach more users of IG, your posts will garner more attention and you will begin to gain social media clout on the IG app.  From there, once you have a steady following and are gaining new viewers by the day, the sky is the limit.  From big-time advertising deals to brand partnerships, you can choose where to take your travel blog.




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