You can charge your electric vehicle at any of the 120+ charging stations spread across Manchester. We’re going to show you where the charging stations are, how to find them in Greater Manchester, and which ones will get your electric vehicle charging the fastest.

Public electric car charging is fast becoming the norm, not just in Manchester but also across the UK. It’s interesting to note that the United Kingdom’s EV charging infrastructure is the largest in Europe, with over 30,000 charge points across the United Kingdom. Electric vehicle charging has become simpler, and with more EV chargers being introduced across the country, that simplicity will only grow.

In 2020 alone, over 66,800 plug-in hybrid vehicles and 0ver 108,000 battery electric vehicles were registered in the United Kingdom. Companies are getting on board with a greener approach as over 2/3 of the new electric vehicle registration details link back to company cars. This process is spreading across the country as the demand for the number of EV vehicles increases daily.

Electric car charging points in Manchester, Greater Manchester, and the rest of the United Kingdom are fairly simple to locate and make it easy for drivers to plan. You can find them at many convenient places, including along residential roads and major trunk roads. You can also find charging points at hotels, gas stations, and in car parks. Motorway services have incorporated rapid electric car chargers, too, for the convenience of road users.

EV Chargers in Manchester

You may find it interesting to note a whopping 118 brand-new fast charges in the Greater Manchester area alone. As an electric vehicle driver, you have more options than ever before. According to Transport for Greater Manchester, they have already incorporated seven rapid chargers in the Greater Manchester charging network to grow the network by at least double its size during 2021.

There are 73 charging stations for electric car customers to use in Manchester, some of which are at the Broughton Hub, Trafford Hospital, Crescent House Layby, Hankison Way Car Park, The Lowry Hotel, and Trafford Centre Parking Garage, to name a few.

Cost of Charging an Electric Vehicle

Many new owners or soon-to-be owners want to know the cost of charging an electric vehicle. It’s something of importance as, since the pandemic, many people are living according to a budget. Below is a summary of what you can expect the cost of EV car charging to be.

Charging at a public charging point

You can find offers of free car charging at a variety of supermarkets and car parks. Many people take advantage of these offers while shopping or visiting the area because it’s convenient and a good way to save.

Charging at home

It isn’t news that many EV users opt for a home charging point installation. This is easy with the correct EV charging cable. Charging the vehicle can then be done daily or on demand when required. The government currently offers an OLEV grant of up to £350 for installing your own charger. The instructions for applying for this OLEV grant can be found on the official website. As the country’s average domestic electricity rate is set at 14p per kWh, you can expect it to cost about £8.40 to charge a 60 kWh (which will get you about 200 miles of distance).

App-enabled charge points

Not all public charging points are free to use. During traveling distances, you may have to pay to charge your car in public. The mobile application-enabled charge points come with varied rates that the host sets. Usually, there is a mobile application used that will direct you to the charge point. Older charge points may require an RFID card to charge (this can be ordered via the internet). The instructions on using each app-enabled charge point are usually included on the app or sent to your email. This type of charging is a great option for those who don’t have cash in hand and want to pay via the app.

Rapid charge points

Once you experience rapid charging, there may be no looking back. News of more rapid charging points has made many people happy in Manchester and the rest of the United Kingdom. As a rapid charge user, you experience quick and easy charging, but it comes at an expense. The overall costs of rapid charging depend on what type of car you are driving. For instance, Pod Point rapid charges usually cost 25p per kWh (that’s around  £6 for half an hour), whereas Tesla Supercharger points are free to Tesla  car owners.

Tips for Finding Electric Car Charging Points Manchester

Carrying out successful electric vehicle charging while on the move will require you to gather information and familiarize yourself with several resources. As more electric charging station points become available, you will need to know where and how to access the required information. Below are a few tips for finding a charging station near you in Manchester and across the UK.

  • Use the TFGM Website.

Use the “Find a Charge Point” Map on the Transport for Greater Manchester website here. This map allows you to input your postcode, town, or city region data, and in return, it will present all the electric vehicle charging point options that are close to home or on your way.

  • Use an electric vehicle charge point locator mobile application.

Several mobile applications can help you find an electric vehicle charging point in Manchester and beyond. Whether you’re close to home or further away, many of the applications that offer global map coverage will help you find a charge point in the United Kingdom or abroad. Some of the most popular applications for EV car drivers include PlugShare, Wallbox, and EV.Energy.

  • Use Zap Map

Zap Map offers desktop maps for electric car customers and maps for iOS and Android. Much the same as the TFGM website, simply input your postal code and vehicle type, and the map will recommend the best places to use a charging point.

Chargemap is one of the most integrated charging station locators available. It lists and pinpoints on a map each of the 73 charging points for each type of electric car in the Manchester area. While users search for charge points in Manchester, it also provides information on surrounding areas, such as Oldham, Stockport, Bolton, and Salford. Of course, Chargemap is not only Manchester-focused. It also provides details on charging points for vehicles across the rest of the country.

Last Word

The sheer number of vehicles being charged across Manchester and the United Kingdom as a whole, means there’s a growing demand for a new range of chargers, both in public and at home. Whether drivers need to charge daily or only sporadically as they travel for work, reliable and affordable options are required to ensure that the running costs of electric vehicles don’t make them a non-viable option for interested parties. Use the above mentioned tips for finding charging points in Manchester and keep your eyes peeled for new points soon to hit the market. 


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