As much as human beings tend to be attached to their environment- living beings and non-living things alike- sometimes they crave for some space. If you need space from other beings, then a private retreat or a solo vacation might solve your problems.

But, if it is the items in your home that are getting on your nerves, then getting rid of all the stuff temporarily might be the answer. How to do that? Book a storage unit.

Perhaps you want to get rid of the extra items that you cannot throw away, or are moving to a new place, or have too many out-of-season clothes. Whatever the reason is for you, the best solution for storage problems is to simply get a storage unit.  

The cost of the solution is one of the most important concerns for all people. And we agree, affordability plays a big role in choices that people take.

So, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for anyone on the lookout for cheap storage units near Greater London. Read ahead to find out how you can find a good storage unit near you in the lowest possible price.  

  • Choose the Size that Just Fits Your Needs

If low price is your first priority, why go for a unit that is bigger, than the space you actually require? You should know exactly what things you want to store and the space they’ll take.

You can get a unit sized anywhere between 5×5 and 10×30. While a twenty-five square foot unit can hold a few boxes and small furniture like a chair, a three hundred square foot can hold business inventory or even vehicles. It all really depends on what things you’re storing.

For reference, you should know that a medium-sized 10×10 unit is one of the most commonly booked units and can hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. 

Moreover, storing smartly can help you save space. Stacking boxes in a brick-walled manner and putting items inside of other things that hold space within them, are some of the hacks you can use to save up on space, and the amount to pay for the space. Hence, you get cheap storage units.  

  • Don’t Pay for the Facilities that You Do Not Require

This goes without saying, right? Don’t be lured by the attractive facilities you see on the self-storage websites.

Practically speaking, there is no end to the amenities and facilities and the respective costs for them. Your job is to make a smart choice and choose only those facilities that are absolutely necessary for your personal storage.  

Are you storing items that are prone to damage under harsh weather conditions? If not, you don’t really need a climate-controlled unit. 

Same goes for other facilities like 24-hour access, CCTV monitoring, drive-up access, packaging boxes, packing and pick-up service, or a unit with electrical outlets. Make a list of your personal storage items and write the amenities that you think each of them require.

In the end, choose a unit that ticks most of the boxes on your list. This is a very smart way to find cheap storage units according to specific needs.    

  • How to Look for Cheap Storage Units

Google is your best friend! Simply do a keyword search by looking up words and phrases like “cheap storage units near me” or “cheap personal storage facility” and browse through the links you come across. Note down the facilities each company provides. 

Most websites allow you to enter the ZIP code of your area to find units nearby. No matter where you live in London or near Greater London, simply enter the ZIP or the name of your burrow.

The rest is simple, if you are sure about the size of the space and amenities you want with the unit, you will be able to find the best solution for your personal storage problems. Next step is to do a little comparison.

  • Do the Homework; Compare the Rates 

Now that you have looked up your area in a website, and noted down the price for a unit of the size you want, go onto other sites.

This is important so that you do not miss out on other better cheap storage units. Browse through at least three sites and compare the prices and the amenities of each. Do a small cost-benefit analysis to choose the best option. Viola! Personal storage problem solved and money saved! 

  • Don’t Miss out on any Discounts and Packages; Book for a Longer Time

But hold on, don’t be so quick. Some companies that provide personal storage also give discounts when you book a unit for more than 6 months. 

Many companies also have packages made especially for students, which give lots of discounts and waivers. So make sure you don’t miss out on any of those. If you know that you are going to rent out a unit for more than six months, then booking it every month makes no sense.

Overall, you need to plan out well beforehand. The size of the unit, facilities you require, the duration you need the unit for, make a note of all things. 

  • Cheaper Alternatives for Self Storage 

A self-storage unit does not have to be the only answer to all personal storage problems. Some cheap storage units like those provided by STORED might be a better option.

Why? Not only do they cost less, but they are also more feasible. If you opt for self-storage, you need to arrange a pickup van, and put everything in the unit yourself. This adds onto the expenditure plus is also somewhat inconvenient.  

A personal storage unit by STORED provides its customers with a two-man team and van service that packs, loads, and take your items to your unit themselves.

And when the time comes when you feel like saying hello to your belongings again, you simply call them over phone and they return the items to your doorstep. This means that you neither have to spend your money, nor your energy on making the trip yourself.


Now we are pretty sure, that you are aware of how to find cheap storage units near greater London. Keep all these things in mind and also help your fellows with similar storage problems. 

Happy finding and helping!


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