The online casino sector is booming right now around Manchester and the whole UK. The last 12 months in particular have seen it grow massively and continue its already meteoric rise. This now sees the sector generate huge revenue amounts each year in the UK and attract many players around Manchester. 

The vibrant nature of this sector may well encourage you to think about setting up your own online casino business. While this is a great idea, the sector is fast becoming flooded with internet casino sites. To stand out from the crowd, it is therefore vital to make any new online casino platform stand out and compare well with others. 

As shown at, there are in fact numerous factors which go into making top quality online casinos competitive. It is important to get a handle on these and ensure you are not left behind when creating you own internet casino business. But what are the most crucial features to pay attention too first?  

Get licensed and think about online security

It is estimated that cybercrime has cost UK businesses £87 billion since 2015. This staggering figure shows how key it is to ensure your online casino business is protected from criminals. Having the right security measures in place will not only prevent your platform being hacked into or taken down but also give players the confidence to game with you. Common online security features like firewalls, SSL protection and two-factor account authentication are essential to match the safety competitors offer and not get left behind. 

In tandem with this, it is crucial to get an official gaming licence to operate. Most people will look for this before signing up with an internet casino now. This means you will be likely to lose potential customers if you do not hold a valid licence from the UK Gambling Commission.

Pay attention to mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is a huge sector when it comes to casino play online. Overall, mobile gaming generated over £70 billion in 2020 and this is too big a market for your new online casino business to miss out on. With plans to get more residents in Greater Manchester online, this will only grow further in the local area as we move ahead.  

One key thing to tackle is making your casino platform fun for mobile gamers and offering the same experience on mobile as on desktop. It is also wise to invest in developing a mobile app for your casino site, as this makes it simple for people to game with you on their mobile device. In addition, as per licencing and online security, you can bet all your competitors will cater to mobile gamers! This means you will be left behind if you do not.

Carry great range of games from top providers

It goes without saying that games are critical to being competitive for any online casino business. If you do not have a good selection of amazing games with high RTP rates, UK players will simply head elsewhere. In light of this, it is critical to have a decent range of online slots which people have heard of and the top table games to play including poker, blackjack and roulette. 

To be truly competitive, you must also choose which game providers you partner with carefully. Many players will only feel comfortable playing games from reputable and established providers such as NetEnt or Playtech. By partnering with companies like this, you have more chance of attracting people to your platform and building up a reputation as a safe casino to game at. 

Carry cool bonuses for new and existing players

Casino players in Manchester and all over the UK love a good bonus! From free spins to free chips to play with, having decent casino bonuses will help you compete. If you do not run good casino bonuses, you will struggle to seem appealing compared to casinos who do. Welcome Bonus packages for new players are a must but it is also key to run regular promotions for existing players as well. 

Being competitive is key for online casinos

While reports of the UK economy facing potential decline may seem alarming, some industries are thriving right now. The opportunities the online casino sector offers means that more people than ever are thinking about setting their own platform up. If this includes you, it really is essential to understand how important being competitive with other internet casinos is. Doing this will not only help you to attract players but also offer them a great experience and succeed in the long term.


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