As the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider, Utility Warehouse (UW) offers customers the opportunity to bundle as many home services as they like from UW’s offerings into single monthly bills. UW has rapidly become one of the UK’s most competitive service providers, especially because of its Partners’ word of mouth recommendations. The multi-award-winning company’s network of over 40,000 independent distributors helps people sign up to save time and money on their home services. Some of these customers even generate an additional income stream by becoming Partners themselves. Here’s how.

What does being a UW Partner look like?

All UW Partners have one thing in common: Each helps people save on their utility bills while making money themselves. Partners spread the word about how UW can help customers save time and money, often by chatting with locals on school playgrounds and at fetes. Then, they share an informal presentation with those who are interested, usually over a cup of tea or a video call. 

When a Partner helps a customer sign up for UW’s services, they receive a residual income for as long as this person remains a customer. The more services the customer takes, the higher the Partner’s residual income. Partners can earn as much as £250-£400 for every customer they sign up — even more if the customer becomes a Partner too.

UW Partners also enjoy a range of other incentives. Aside from getting to meet and work with new people, Partners can work towards milestones to enjoy holidays, subsidised car hire agreements, experience days, and seasonal hampers. For example, a Partner who signs up 200 personal customers can choose between driving a Porsche for a month or taking a luxury weekend spa break.

Why should I become a UW Partner?

People from all walks of life sign up to become UW Partners. While some fund passion projects, others add to their pension pots, save for holidays, build nest eggs, or expand their UW businesses until they can afford to quit their day jobs. Whatever their reason for becoming a Partner, these distributors work on their own terms. They decide where and when they work, meaning they can fit their UW businesses around their other commitments. 

Can I become a UW Partner?

Virtually anyone aged 18+ can become a UW Partner. Signing up is straightforward. Partners don’t need to have any prior knowledge about home services, and they don’t need to buy any stock upfront. The only start-up costs are a £10 joining fee and a £3 monthly licence fee from the Partner’s third month. These fees cover ongoing training, support, resources, and marketing materials. Partners can fit their introductory training around even the most demanding schedules. Most complete this training in under a week.

Generally, Partners join the network through existing Partners, who help newbies achieve their objectives in their UW businesses. If a new Partner doesn’t know an existing Partner, they can get in touch with UW, and the company will pair them up. 

How can I excel as a UW Partner?

It’s easy to succeed as a Partner if you lay the foundations for your UW business. To achieve this, you can:

  • Prepare a list of contacts who could benefit from becoming UW customers. Prioritise those you’d like to reach out to first. The key is to have as many potential customers as possible.
  • Mark homeowners in this list. Homeowners may stick with one provider for longer than tenants.
  • Get in touch with your contacts and explain how UW could help them save time and money. Make the most of UW’s resources to ensure you cover all the benefits of signing up. 
  • Follow up with your potential customers. Some won’t be ready to sign up straight away and might like to have further discussions about how UW could help them. 
  • Check in with your customers and take care of their ongoing needs. 

Partners tend to learn best through experience and soon become naturals. Each has access to support and guidance from more experienced Partners, who form a well-knit community across the UK. Partners can also attend UW’s events, which the FTSE 250 company hosts twice a year. Thousands of Partners attend these events to celebrate UW’s successes and receive training alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Learn more about becoming a UW Partner.

About Utility Warehouse

UW has welcomed 660,000 customers through its Partner’s verbal recommendations. These customers bundle energy, broadband, mobile plans, boiler care, and home insurance into great value home service plans. The more services they combine, the more savings they make. Customers can also monitor all their home services in one place and only ever need to contact one customer service team. What’s more, UW guarantees lower prices than customers’ previous service providers. It’s no surprise that UW has won several awards and received five-star ratings from reputable organisations like Moneywise, Moneyfacts, Defaqto, and the European Business Awards.


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