As the devastating coronavirus pandemic continues to cause significant problems across the world, many industries are facing a rising challenge and are being forced to close down and cease trading for the foreseeable future. 

Some of the most affected include the hospitality sector, which is currently facing an ‘existential crisis’ as pubs, restaurants and bars are forced to close due to a lack of customers and government intervention. Equally the event and sporting industry is also facing serious problems with the 2020 Euros being postponed and the largest music festival in Europe, Glastonbury, also cancelling their 50th anniversary event in June. 

However whilst there are many businesses and companies about to face significant problems, there is one that is bucking the trend and actually seeing a significant rise. As more people practice social distancing and stay at home, online entertainment providers are seeing a significant rise in usage as people look to keep themselves amused. 

Coronavirus impact on the UK gambling market

Whilst the video streaming services are increasing, what lies in store for the online casino market in the UK? Well according to the experts at CasinoNow in the UK, this situation will expand the list of online casinos in the UK: 

“As more social restrictions are put into place across the nation, UK land-based casinos have no option but to close; seeing players switch to online platforms to get their gaming fun.  In addition to that, with the cancellation of major sporting events those who would normally bet on their favourite team are switching to other betting options such as slots and table-based games. When these are combined, the potential for the online casino market over the coming months is huge!” 

The sporting shutdown is a significant problem for bookmakers and although it is early days still in the UK, in Italy leading bookmakers Snaitech and Newgioco have both been forced to close their betting shops. This is an indication that the postponement of the Premier League and other major sporting events will have a similar impact on the UK market, which is significantly bigger than Italy’s. 

Switching to online

With a lack of sports to bet on, gamblers are beginning to switch to online casinos; taking advantage of the huge choice of games and increased capabilities. In recent years, the online casino market has been revolutionised as 3D gaming and increased connectivity with other players makes them very sociable. 

That level of social interaction is also likely to become a popular feature for many people who are facing self-isolation, particularly those who live alone. The ability to enjoy an online game and simultaneously chat and interact with other players will be very important to those who are missing out on social interaction. 

Of course online gaming offers players far more than just interaction. Playing for real money in online casinos is incredibly convenient and thanks to having no limitations on space or size, players are able to enjoy thousands of different games. These games include interactive and themed slots, poker, blackjack, bingo and countless other table-based games. In recent years, technology has also allowed for live games with real dealers, helping to bring the in-person casino experience to the home. 

Another benefit that these online casinos is that they offer players the chance to enjoy a host of different bonuses and rewards to entice players further. With hundreds of providers out there, competition is high which is why many players are able to enjoy things such as free spins and bets as well as bonus chips. 

Difficult times

The speed this outbreak is growing means that knowing what is in store over the next few weeks and months is incredibly hard to predict. However with more people facing extended time sitting at home, the fun, social and interactive world of online casinos is sure to provide many people self-isolating with some comfort. 

Whilst many industries around the country are going to be facing difficult times ahead, the online entertainment and casino market certainly looks set to buck that trend. 


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