There are a lot of countries that are considered popular study abroad destinations, and Great Britain enters this list. Before choosing the country to get an education, a person must take into account the weather conditions, prospective expenses, quality of teaching and opportunities for development it gives. The educational system in the UK is one of the best in the world. The number of training programs in different spheres is large so that it can satisfy the needs of any person from any country.

Those who think about moving to Great Britain for educational purposes not always choose London or Edinburgh. Manchester is also a top-rated student destination. Universities and colleges that are located in it belong to the best UK institutions. If you want to take to it like a duck to water, we’ve selected the most popular Manchester institutions and defined the number of international students in them. Perhaps, studying in some of the universities will be difficult, but be sure that you’ll have the support of such students as you are. Moreover, you can always address the academic writing service and order any homework online. Find a reliable company, leave a message: “do my math for me,” and you’ll easily get rid of the difficulties.

Now it’s time to find out how many international students are studying in Manchester colleges and universities.

1. The University of Manchester

It’s one of the most significant universities in Great Britain. The University of Manchester enters several research groups and takes an active part in various studies. It can boast of the quality of teaching that’s recognized worldwide. University takes care of international students. According to the information on the website, it welcomes one of the largest foreign students population in the UK. More than 11,000 students from different countries obtain a degree in this institution.

2. Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University was founded in 1970 and was named Manchester Polytechnic. This institution is a member of many unions and alliances of universities in the UK and abroad. The student population here is diverse; people from more than 120 counties enter this university to get a high-class education. The overall enrollment is almost 40,000, 4% of which are international students.

3. The University of Salford

It’s located near Manchester city center and originates from the Royal Technical Institute that was founded in 1896. Several schools belong to this university. They offer courses in art, business, health sciences, engineering, environment, and so on. More than 20,000 students currently get education here, and almost 10% of them are international students. There are specialized courses for non-native speakers that aim at a smooth transition to the UK educational system. No matter what country the person came from, the institution will do everything to make him, or her feel comfortable.

4. The University of Bolton

Even though this institution was established in 2004, it’s a rather popular student destination. Student enrollment in this institution is approximately 6,000. The vast number of graduate and postgraduate courses attracts students to get a degree here. 6,2% of all students have come from abroad. University does everything to attract as many international students as possible. The student population here is genuinely diverse because it consists of people who’ve come from more than 60 countries.

5. Stockport College

It allows school graduates, entrepreneurs and adults to get an education. International students can be eligible to get grants and scholarships to lower down the tuition fees and make their life easier. The overall number of people who study there is 4000, and college attracts at least 1000 new students each year. The exact percentage of international students is unknown, but we may say that this institution belongs to the popular study abroad destinations.


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