There are so many video games available nowadays that people have lost count. Yet there doesn’t seem to be enough of them somehow which is why game developers produce so many new titles. In short, the gaming industry has millions of gamers to take care of and it has to offer them an abundance of titles to choose from.

The industry does so thanks to the advancements of technology. Better CPUs and GPUs means better PCs which is why games have better visuals and improved mechanics. Additionally, you have other kinds of devices that can support the new kinds of games. A regular smartphone is a potential gaming device thanks to the rise of the mobile gaming industry.

Since the gaming industry keeps track of trends it has already noticed and incorporated Bitcoin. Since this trend affects many industries it also affects the gaming one. The industry has already accepted it as a viable payment method. However, the technology behind this cryptocurrency has inspired game developers which is how the crypto gaming market came to be.

This means that developers produced a few Bitcoin games. They come in different shapes and sizes and belong to different genres as well. Here are some of these games that you’ll come across:

Bitcoin Hero

If you’re looking to learn the basics of Bitcoin trading then you can do so thanks to Bitcoin Hero. This is a trading simulator app and you can install it on your mobile device and play it on the go. You’ll get plenty of experience in a virtual market with real-time prices of assets. Additionally, you’ll get tools to analyze the market and base the investment decisions on those analyses.

When you’re in the real world, you can trade Bitcoin personally or try out one of the many trading platforms. Bitcoin Storm UK is one of the many platforms you’ll come across. This platform offers to do the trading for you by using a sophisticated algorithm. Additionally, you’ll need to make an account to use this platform and make a minimum deposit as well. Afterward, you’ll need to go over the tutorials and take on a demo lesson. Once you have a grasp of all the settings then you can give the platform a shot with a live session. If you want, then you can reset the settings whenever you want.

Spells of Genesis

Unlike the previous entry, Spells of Genesis is a trading card Bitcoin game. In it, you’ll build your deck as you face opponent after opponent. Your opponents will become tougher the more you play the game. You can also use Bitcoin to bolster your deck by buying more cards and collectibles. Naturally, the more people you defeat the better player you become and the better your rewards get. In its essence, Spells o Genesis is a game that will keep you entertained.

Altcoin Fantasy

Similar to Bitcoin Hero, Altcoin Fantasy is another trading simulator app. You can get trading experience in a virtual market with assets with real-time prices, other players as competition, and the chance to take part in various competitions. These competitions are for the skilled traders though and if you get the top spot then you’ll be rewarded with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you prefer.


Throughout the years, it’s evident that the industry is about progress which is why it has been able to cater to the needs of so many gamers. Tech advancements and trends like Bitcoin have greatly influenced the industry and will continue to do so. In the future, Bitcoin will have an even bigger role in the gaming industry and the popularization of the crypto gaming market.


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