Plans for the future of Greater Manchester’s planning for housing,  growing the local economy and creating jobs, protecting the environment and delivering integrated transport have been delayed again to give more time for consultation.

Initially published in 2016, a redrafted second Greater Manchester Spatial view proposal was followed by a period of public consultation which closed in March of this year.

The total number of public responses – roughly 17,500 respondents submitting in excess of 60,000 separate comments – is a significantly lower figure than those supplied during the 2017 consultation period which followed the initial draft’s publication.

Leaders have now announced a new timetable for a period of public engagement into the New Year with formal consultation scheduled for later in 2020.

The timescales allow for a period of deeper engagement with local communities and other stakeholders in light of the number of detailed and considered public responses received during consultation earlier this year say Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority.

Paul Dennett, GMCA Lead on Housing, Homelessness and Infrastructure, said: “The people of Greater Manchester have provided invaluable insight and feedback and I want to thank them for engaging in this important process on our Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment. Having a clear plan is vital if we are to avoid a future where developers get the pick of the prime sites across Greater Manchester with no joined-up strategy to combat the possibility.

“I am confident the second, redrafted Spatial Framework was a significant improvement on the first, with proposals for building on Green Belt reduced by more than 50 per cent.

However, from the large number of responses we’ve received there obviously remain real concerns in many communities. We received 27,000 responses to the first draft and fewer than 18,000 this time but it remains important that we consider all feedback properly and factor it into the next redraft.

“When the revised proposals are presented for a further round of consultation next summer they will better represent what we all want – a comprehensive proposal for the homes, jobs and supporting environment we all need now and in the future.”


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