Greater Manchester Police car responding to an emergency call in central Mancester

The Coronavirus crisis will mean the general public across Greater Manchester will see the police working in a different way.

”We are all facing a unique set of circumstances which has already begun to pose a huge challenge for everyone. It will be a very difficult period however we wanted to reassure the public that we are still here and will support them as much as we can.” said Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling in a statement

The police are encouraging the public to be aware of the channels available to get in touch with them

“This situation is unique” adds Pilling “and poses a huge challenge for everyone and this means that the service some people receive from us may look different for a while. Like other organisations, some of our staff will become ill or have to enter self-isolation as per government guidelines and this has already started to happen. Please remember that if you call us unnecessarily, you are potentially taking a resource away from someone else that may be vulnerable and could urgently need our assistance.”

In particular they are urging the public to use The LiveChat function on their website which is open 24/7 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response.

“In addition to LiveChat, you can also report things through our website or by calling 101. Please dial 999 in an emergency.”

“I want to assure the public that we will continue to risk assess all calls and enquiries and prioritise our response to those who need it most. I would also urge the public to look out for each, particularly those who are most vulnerable at this time.

“We know from experience that Greater Manchester always pulls together in times of crisis and I thank you for your continued support for our officers and staff during this time.”



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