It’s one of the phenomenon of modern life as the rise of the bucket list has become a great motivational tool to help Britons live life to the fullest.

Now according to a new report out today more than half of adults from Manchester (52%) have a UK bucket list in place with Visiting Giant’s Causeway, going to Wimbledon, star gazing in Northumberland, exploring the Isle of Skye and climbing Ben Nevis being in their top five “must do” activities.

The survey conducted by Travelodge revealed that the average UK bucket list from adults in Manchester contains 12 experiences or achievements and will take 9 years to accomplish.

Six out of ten (61%) respondents from Manchester claim having a bucket list is good for their wellbeing as it keeps them focused. Whilst a fifth (20%) in a relationship reported that having a bucket list is good for their relationship – as sharing a bucket list experience brings them closer together.

Top ten UK bucket list aspirations from people in Manchester:

1. Visiting Giant’s Causeway

2. Going to Wimbledon

3. Star gazing in Northumberland

4. Exploring the Isle of Skye

5. Climbing Ben Nevis

6. Taking a tour of Westminster Abbey

7. Exploring the Shetland Islands

8. Walking Hadrian’s Wall

9. Visiting Edinburgh Castle

10. Afternoon tea at the Ritz

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “It’s encouraging to see that so many adults in Manchester have a UK bucket list in place, especially amongst the younger generations. Britain has a rich fabric of culture and there are so many amazing adventures to be had on our very door step. You can easily swap a meal out for a short break, we have rooms from £29 making it affordable for everyone to achieve their UK bucket list.”

The survey also revealed that having a bucket list is more popular with adults aged 18 to 29 years old at (58%) compared to 30 -54 years old which is 46 per cent and Britons aged 55 and over which is 43 per cent.

Interestingly across all age groups going to Wimbledon is the top activity on their UK bucket lists, followed by afternoon tea at the Ritz.

After Chester, the report revealed that Brighton has the highest percentage of adults that have a bucket list in place at 63% followed by Liverpool at 60% and York at 56%.



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