Go Faster

About Manchester got the chance to get behind the wheel of Ford performance cars last Friday! We starred in our very own getaway film Go Faster and got to experience first-hand what it’s like to be a stunt driver.

We had the chance to become the main character, suitably named Wheels, in a fictional film as the designated getaway driver. Kind of like Baby Driver, who performs driving stunts in heists. But before becoming the stars of our very own movie trailer, we needed to get to grips with the stunts.

We spent half a day sat behind the wheels of a Ford Focus RS and a Mustang. Once on set, experienced professionals taught us classic stunts, including a J turn and drifting.

After mastering (or trying to) the stunts needed to be a getaway driver, it was time to film our very own trailer. You can watch it here.

We had a brilliant morning learning an exciting new set of skills. It’s not just a thrill for adrenaline junkies or people who actually want to be a stunt driver, it’s a fun day out for you and your friends, family or work colleagues.

“This is a unique opportunity to not only perform stunts in one of the mostly highly-rated hot hatches, but to also see yourself and your stunt driving skills appear in a proper movie trailer,” said Andrew Merryweather, Ford’s Brand Experience Manager. “It’s like cinema meets extreme driving lessons, all covered in sleek Hollywood-style production, and it gives participants an unforgettable day out as well as the ultimate brag-worthy content to share with friends.”

Starting at intu Trafford Centre on Friday 29th June and running until Sunday 8th July, tickets for Ford Go Faster are on sale now priced £69 – £149 per person with a limited number of places available. Those who sign up for the challenge will receive a call-sheet, storyboard and script ahead of time, before turning up to the huge custom designed site to see for themselves what it’s like to be the coolest person on set for a day.

For tickets, visit: https://ford.to/gofasteruk

For more information, visit: http://gofaster.fordpresskits.com/



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