The implementation of Get me there, Transport for Greater Manchester’s smart card system faces further delays after Transport for Greater Manchester announced that it has terminated the contract for its development with ATOS.
The scheme, introduced last October on Metrolink for people with concessionary travel passes, will continue its development and rollout but with alternative suppliers, said TfGM.
Metrolink’s paying customers were originally expected to be invited on board in stages during spring and summer 2015.

But now In a joint statement, TfGM and Atos said: “TfGM contracted Atos in 2012 to design, build and operate a Smart Ticketing System for Greater Manchester to be rolled out initially on Metrolink and with options to roll the system out subsequently to bus and rail. 

“Although the system is currently operational for use by our 500,000 concessionary card holders, after a considerable period of delay it has become clear that Atos cannot deliver the smart ticketing system as contracted.
“Therefore, the parties have decided that it is in their best interests to agree to a mutual termination of the contract, on commercial terms, the details of which, remain confidential between the parties, but which provide substantial compensation to TfGM in respect of the costs incurred and which will enable TfGM to develop a Smart Ticketing System with alternative providers. 
“Atos are collaborating with TfGM to ensure that the existing services are maintained and transitioned to new providers.”

A TfGM spokesperson said “The world of technology is moving faster than any of us could have anticipated, and nowhere else is this more true than with smart ticketing. Today’s smart card already looks destined to be overtaken by contactless payments and mobile apps on smart phones. 

Further details about the roll out of get me there will be provided over the next few months and a number of new developments aimed at making travel easier are expected to be announced later this year said TFGM


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