You may have heard the exiting news that Manchester Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of art works made by the public and selected by artist Grayson Perry during his popular lockdown art series Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4. This free exhibition was due to open this month but the current guidelines mean the gallery will have to wait to open its doors again.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to get people making art however – and perhaps with even more necessity than before – Manchester Art Gallery will be launching its own #MAGartclub, encouraging people from Manchester and beyond to make art with a Mancunian twist.

How to get involved:

December’s theme is ‘Manchester’. Keep an eye on our website for monthly updates

Make any kind of art you like. You could go with traditional techniques like drawing and painting, or what about a creating a Mancunian meal, a model of your ideal city centre, or share your Manchester style with a photo of your favourite outfit?

Upload a photo of your creation to Instagram along with the hashtag #MAGartclub.

The #tagged works will be displayed on a live screen in the exhibition and on our website too.

Why make art?

Making art is a process through which we can understand the world differently, a time to take on new ideas and explore them, and to communicate and connect with people around us. It can feel good to get to the end of the day and see something we have made.

How can Manchester Art Gallery help?

The gallery will be sharing hints and tips via social media, ‘how-to’ films, workshop guides, and live discussion events.  Find @mcrartgallery on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What if you don’t have Instagram?

When the gallery reopens you will be able to bring your art work in to be photographed during opening hours on specified days so the digital upload can be done for you. Of course, there is no need to share your art work if you don’t want to.


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