Garden and food (green) waste bins will be collected for Manchester residents between Monday 6 April and Friday 10 April, for a one-off final collection until full service is resumed.

Manchester City Council previously announced that, due to reductions of staff capacity caused by the coronavirus pandemic, collections of green bins from households would be halted, to ensure that collections of other waste and recycling bins could continue as normal. 

But the council has now scheduled a final round of green bin collections, to make sure that any stored-up organic waste is removed.

Households which would normally have put out their brown recycling bins for collections from Monday 6 – Friday 10 April are asked to instead put out their green bins for emptying.  Brown bins will not be emptied during this round of collections.

After Friday 10 April, food and garden waste should be disposed of in residents’ grey rubbish bins until further notice.


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