When people think of Manchester, England, they may first think about its world-famous sports clubs. But, as business development professional Fahim Imam-Sadeque explains, the city is an up-and-coming destination for tourists. 

Manchester has a rich history and traditions. Visitors to the city can immerse themselves in the culture of various libraries, museums, architectural walks, and more. 

Here are five ways to experience Manchester’s culture:

1. The Lowry

Manchester is full of galleries and theatres. But, there is no more iconic area than The Lowry, which has become a cultural icon in the city.  

Michael Wilford designed the architecturally-stunning project, which served as the centrepiece of the regeneration of the docklands area and the Salford Quays.  

Don’t miss this gallery and theatre complex located right on the water. There are events that range from international and national to those with a much more local flair.

2. John Rylands Library

Manchester is home to many famous libraries, but the John Rylands Library is possibly the most famous. This library opened way back in 1900. 

Visitors will be awe-struck at the gothic architecture all by itself. It has beautiful vaulted ceilings, ornate archways, and soft illumination throughout.  

Aside from the architecture, the building houses one of the United Kingdom’s best collections of academic books, which include several impressive special collections. This includes manuscripts published in medieval times and letters sent from a wide variety of history’s notable figures.

3. Old Trafford

Football is a massive part of the Manchester culture. So, if you really want to immerse yourself in everything local while visiting the city, you can’t miss visiting Old Trafford. 

This football stadium has been the home of Manchester United FC of the English Premier League since back in 1910. It’s the largest football stadium in a country full of large football stadiums.  

On non-match days, you can take a tour of the grounds and through its backstage areas. While there, you can also take in the history of Manchester United FC and the EPL in general at the museum they have on-site. 

4. Chinatown

Manchester is truly a melting pot, and a great way to experience that is by visiting Chinatown. This is the second-largest Chinatown in the entire United Kingdom. 

You’ll be welcomed to the area by a Paifang arch raised here in 1987. It’s the welcome sign to the community of East Asian people, which is very extensive in Manchester.  

While in Chinatown, you can experience all the culture has to offer through the wide variety of ethnic restaurants. For example, you can sample authentic Chinese buns and Szechuan cuisine at established dine-in restaurants or street food. 

Chinatown is also home to various unique supermarkets and shops that feature traditional toys and household wares.

5. People’s History Museum

Manchester has long been known as a city full of working people, and the People’s History Museum pays tribute to those people. As Fahim Imam-Sadeque explains, the location of the museum in a building that was once used for an industrial complex pays homage to what visitors will find inside. 

The museum features many items that one would find located in the workplace and home, including recreational and entertainment items. You can also learn about some of the most important historical events in Britain. This includes the culture of football, welfare, trade unions and the suffrage movement. 

There are plenty of interactive offerings in the museum as well, allowing visitors to learn about the working culture in Britain in a hands-on way. 

About Fahim Imam-Sadeque 

Fahim Imam-Sadeque is a business development professional with proven experience in the asset management industry. He has a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from the City University of London and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. Fahim’s top skills include asset management, hedge funds, investment management, sales, and consultant & client relationship management. 


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