Creative Collective Girl Gang have curated an all woman line-up for their new exhibition ‘Everything I Know, I Felt’ in The Lowry galleries.

Curating the sixth in The Lowry’s innovative Edit series, Girl Gang are a Manchester based all womxn collective of artists, activists, academics and party instigators who produce accessible, fun and meaningful events with masses of passion and creative flair.

Their exhibition ‘Everything I Know, I Felt’ will feature new work by the collective alongside re-staged pieces and new commissions with womxn artists across Manchester, including Award-winning poet and playwright Jacki Hagen; writer, performance artist and producer Keisha Thompson; artist and performer Lowri Evans and artist and celebrant Jenny Gaskell.

‘Everything I Know, I Felt’ is an exhibition exploring the diverse emotional experiences of womxn. An array of different mediums spanning installation, illustration and performance will be used to explore and celebrate big feelings in all their messy, multifaceted glory. The work embraces emotional intelligence and questions the societal value of vulnerability.

Megan Marie Griffith, Artistic Director and Executive Producer of Girl Gang Manchester said: “We’re so excited to commission the work of so many creative, powerful and accomplished artists. All the womxn involved are bringing something unique to the Edit; a different art form, a different life experience, a different attitude, a different emotion. I can’t wait to see it all in the same space open for audiences to explore and immerse themselves in.”

Michael Simpson Director of Visual Arts said: “Girl Gang have a strong commitment to collaboration and bring something completely new to our Galleries.”

The Lowry’s Edits series gives artists and performers physical space to work in our galleries and headspace to develop previously unexplored ideas into new works.
‘Everything I Know, I Felt’ will be at The Lowry from Saturday 14th March through to Sunday 5th April.


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