Wagering has been one of the most popular pastime recreational activities for Britons. What makes the gambling industry in Britain so significant among the entire industry all over the world is the variety of customers as well as the diversified range of properly regulated gambling activities. 

The National Lottery, horse racing of both on and off the course, as well as betting on Greyhounds, moreover, there is sports betting, a plethora of slots and machine games with various forms and types of rewards, bingo, and a wide range of lottery of non-commercial type. These games are not just there but are readily available both as online options and offline options for punters in the UK. This industry pays primary attention to the security of identity to the punters. 

The Gambling Act of 2005

The Gambling Act of 2005 paved the way for the formation of the Gambling Commission of the UK which is held responsible for the regulation of the gambling industry in Great Britain. They are the makers of rules which the operators are subject to follow or else they risk their license hence their validity to operate legally will be at stake. 

Due to this popularity of the gambling industry both in online and offline sectors, total regulation of activities of the operators of such games has to be under the vigilant eyes of the government-empowered organizing bodies created solely for the lawful conduction of these games as well as for public welfare. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission falls under the government’s Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport according to the rules made after the Gambling Act of 2005, and this is how also protection is provided to children and citizens vulnerable to facing losses due to these games. 

Some Typical Gambling Facts from the UK

Here we present you some facts regarding gamblers in the UK. 

  • An inclination to addiction: A study found out that almost more than two million people are vulnerable to gambling addiction and the same leads to extreme losses.   
  • The legitimacy of operators: Legal operators in order to maintain their legitimacy have to be licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or any other legit jurisdiction. Some operators such as VeryWell Casino or Non Stop Casino don’t have a licence but operate in the UK.
  • The inclination to gambling: The love for gambling comes from being in love with the feeling of victory. That is where the popularity of responsible gambling in Britain comes from. A huge portion of gamblers plays for the bigger win. The percentage of players indulging with real money is obviously lower than those playing for fun.
  • Gender: When looked at in terms of percentage, men lead the percentage of women gamblers by 4%. But studies have shown women are more likely to win 5% more on a bet. 
  • Location: The figures that analytics has presented speaks for the best locations in the UK in terms of gambling. The best gamblers belong to the city of Liverpool where London indulges in the highest amount of betting investment done. Manchester has the highest winners till now. Leicester, Sheffield, and Newcastle are among the worst in terms of gambling activities. 
  • Age grading: Previously it was casinos sites were portrayed as and the only source of high for middle-aged men trying their luck sitting in a dark gloomy setting hoping for their entire life to take a hike. Surprisingly enough but there are gamblers of all ages and sex is although the legal age of gambling is 18 years of age in the UK and anything less than that would be considered illegal. Studies have often found that married people are often more likely to engage in wagering activities. 
  • Numbers: Surveys show that 78% of the entire population of the UK engages in gambling activities.  
  • Self-exclusion scheme: The United Kingdom Gambling Commission thus took care of the problem and brought an innovation to their policy of promoting self-exclusion schemes and held it mandatory for the operators online to abide by in order to get their licenses continued. Not obeying these rules might get them to lose their license permanently or even pay hefty fines for it.
  • Mode: Diving further deep into the statistics and its analysis it can be seen that 50% of the online gambling market is built by consumers between 18 to 34 years of age. 40% of it consists of men and women of age 35 to 54. 


These were some facts about the gamblers in the UK so that to understand the industry and the growth rate better. 



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