Due to the rising rates of problem gambling among UK gamblers, there has been a great need to regulate gambling practices so as to reduce this menace. Most punters have found themselves spending more than they could afford in gambling-related activities especially those who use their credit cards for gambling. 

Irregular spending habits have been noted among many gamblers calling for a quicker action to intervene and reduce this negative impact. The UKGC recently launched consultations on gambling with credit cards and more charities have put efforts together to ensure that safer gambling practices are enhanced among many punters.

How gambling Credit Cards Could Harm the Player?

Players who opt for credit cards for gambling purposes are at a greater risk of problem gamblers compared to those who use other means to gamble. Through the consultations made by the commission, findings have clearly outlined the importance of burning credit cards for gambling transactions mainly because most punters find themselves spending more money than they have. This tells that other needs attached to finances could easily be compromised or suffer as a result of not having enough money to finance the specific need. 

Even despite this fact, NonStopCasino reveals new exclusive online casino accepting credit card that continues working. These campaigns were made possible through the help of gambling charities and third-party organizations in close collaboration with the UKGC. This will ensure that credit cards are prohibited from any kind of gambling transaction making it better for the gamblers to take good control of their finances.

Credit Providers Push Responsible Gambling Strategy

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission through its push has restricted credit cards from gambling-related activities as a way of controlling the bad habit associated with spending. As if not enough the response after the consultations suggested that a complete ban on the use of the credit cards could be a better option for this problem. This did not turn well to the credit providers as it could hinder other forms of transactions to take place and lock out most of the potential customers. 

As a result, the providers have suggested that stricter regulatory measures be put in place instead of a complete ban on the use of credit cards. In this way, most of the potential customers will not be locked out but instead, they shall continue enjoying the privileges of the credit cards.

UKGC Confirmed Credit Card Gambling Ban

Last year in August there was a comprehensive consultation where the commission gathered opinions on credit card gambling restrictions. This also saw a number of industry players having an interest in the regulations come together and air out their views in a way to reduce the menace. Among them was the general public who have a great role in regulating gambling policies and other industry stakeholders like the charities including the GambleAware. 

These charities and third parties have further insisted that the credit cards should be completely banned from gambling-related activities that have to be strictly regulated as a way of providing a long term solution to this very problem. Although the implication might be so negative to the credit providers, it sounds a better solution to this menace. Great campaigners like GambleAware have been keen on imposing the ban saying it shall be of great importance and will help to solve future problems. The statement was reiterated by the GambleAware Chief executive, Marc Etches in his statement.

Final Words

The high rates of problem gambling among UK citizens have pushed the commission to put these strict regulations that will help solve the entire compulsive gambling problem. The recent ban will ensure that gamblers have the right gambling limits which shall also affect their expenditure and use of the credit cards in the right and required manner




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