“Coronation Street is four miles in any one direction from the centre of Manchester. Emotionally, it’s wherever you want it to be in your own heart”, Tony Warren.

A new exhibition will be telling the story of Tony Warren, the Salford legend, on his path to creating the biggest and longest running TV soap opera, Coronation Street opens this weekend

The programme became an innovation of its time, telling the stories of ordinary people on an ordinary street.

Tony Warren, born and growing up in Pendlebury, absorbed the streets, people and sounds surrounding him.

As a child Tony remembered visiting his grandmother’s house, where he would sit under the table and listen to the speech patterns of his female relatives.

1950s Salford was full of terraced houses, cobbled streets and industrial sounds and sights; this scene is set by specially created paintings by local artist David Coulter.

The exhibition will include original scripts and other items from his career and will run from 21st October to July 2018 at Salford Museum


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