Former Coronation Street soap star Kevin Kennedy – who played the lovable Curly Watts – has used his time in lockdown to launch an addiction recovery charity in the hope of helping others with addictive and mental health disorders.

Kevin himself has been in recovery from an alcohol addiction for 22 years, and is hoping that his charity, Kennedy Street Foundation, can help hundreds of people across the country on their own road to recovery.

During lockdown, the charity received calls from over 700 desperate people and families struggling with addiction and mental health illness during the crisis.

Kevin and his wife Clare – also in recovery – offer a peer led helpline, covered by trained recovery coaches all in active recovery, who offer free virtual recovery coaching support, signposting, and recovery connection virtual workshops.

Throughout August, they’re hosting a virtual fundraising event; #Road2Recovery. They’re looking to see how far the country can go on it’s Road2Recovery.

Participants are encouraged to travel 5km, donate £5, and nominate 5 others to continue the journey. The Kennedy Street Foundation has raised over £5,000 so far and has racked up enough virtual miles to get them from Brighton to Paris.

The charity is backed by some of Kennedy’s celebrity pals, including X-Factor’s Sam Bailey, whose Father died from alcoholism, Loose Woman Denise Welch, and Darren Day, who only recently has openly spoken about his mental health problems.

Kevin himself has already walked 35km in aid of this event, and comments;

“The Kennedy Street Foundation is my passion; all we want to do is help people who find themselves in the desperate situation I was in 22 years ago. Our national recovery helpline is receiving calls every day and we really need to raise as much money as possible in order to be able to help each and every one start their own Road2Recovery.”

The charity is also backed by leading addiction treatment rehab group, UKAT, who supports those in need of initial detoxification support before engaging in a recovery community.

To get involved in the #Road2Recovery event, visit



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