If you are taking a solo trip to the city this year then there are many exciting places that you can visit! From the John Rylands Library to the Manchester Art Gallery, there are plenty of things to do and places to explore. You can even visit the Etihad Stadium – the home of Manchester City Football Club. When travelling alone in any city, it’s important to be vigilant and stay safe, especially if you haven’t visited the city before. If you are travelling to the city this year, then take a look at these tips that you might want to consider. 

Check that you have everything you need before your journey

Whether you are coming to Manchester for a few days or a few weeks, it’s always important to make sure that you have packed all the essential items. Toothpaste, hotel booking confirmations, spare cash, emergency contact numbers, and phone chargers are just some items that you will need to take with you. Make sure that you check your luggage before you leave just to check that you haven’t forgotten anything important. It might be worth considering taking your laptop or tablet with you if you want to access work emails or browse online while you are visiting the city. 

Having your laptop with you is also a good option if you want to pass some time while you are in your hotel room. If you’re looking to pass the time, there are many online games you can play on such as puzzle games and online blackjack. Out of all of the devices you take with you, one of the most important ones to take is your mobile. Your mobile can help you locate places that you want to visit with Google Maps, access mobile data and Wifi, contact your family and friends, and also ring anyone in an emergency. On your time away you can also easily use your mobile to take photos and videos of your trip. 

Make reservations in advance

One of the most important reservations your need to make are your accommodation bookings. If you have a favourite hotel in mind or a part of the city that you want to stay in, then it’s always best to book far in advance of your trip to ensure that you have a great choice of rooms at cheaper prices. As well as your accommodation bookings, it can be useful to check booking options for which places you would like to visit in the city. There are many things that you can see and do in Manchester, including attending concerts, exhibitions, or even visiting some of the best bars and restaurants. To make sure that you do not miss out, it’s sometimes best to book in advance.  

Be mindful with your money

Another useful tip to remember on your trip to Manchester is to always be mindful with your money. When travelling in an unknown city, it is important to remain vigilant and be careful with your cash and cards. Make sure that you keep all your money safe and secure in your bag. When visiting ATMs, it’s always best to be mindful of who is around you when you are handling cash. 

It is useful to keep cash or cards on you as you will need some for travel around the city, for food and drinks, or for souvenirs. There are also many forms of transport that can help you get around the city which you will need to purchase a ticket for, including the train, tram, and commercial bus service. In the city centre there is also a free bus that can help you visit the shopping districts and other areas in the city. 


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