Babies and other patients receiving audiology tests to check their quality of hearing are now receiving an improved experience thanks to Stockport NHS Charity.

The ‘Eclipse’ device uses the latest technology to assess a patients hearing rating without the need for a patient to respond. It is mainly used for new born babies with possible hearing problems, but can also be used on other patients, including those with dementia, who may not be able to communicate how they are hearing.

While hearing tests have always been available from the audiology team at Stepping Hill Hospital, the new device provides an improved diagnosis and service. It reduces the need for possible sedation, and is both quicker and more reliable than previous methods. Clinic and waiting times have been reduced, and families now have less time to wait for answer about their baby’s potential hearing loss.

Over a year, around 240 patients and families will get the benefit of this new method of diagnosis.

Purchase of the equipment was made possible thanks to a funding of just under £27,000 from Stockport NHS Charity, which exists to improve the health and wellbeing of patients by delivering services above and beyond ordinary standards.

Lucy Hughes, Clinical Lead for Audiology for Stockport NHS Foundation Trust said; “When families have concerns about hearing loss with their young babies we want to get them the answers they need as soon as we can.  The quality of this equipment and the new features it  offers will make a huge impact to our patients and their families, allowing us to gain more reliable responses and reduce the need for repeated visits. We’d like to thank everyone who has donated to Stockport NHS Charity to help make this possible.”

To find out more about Stockport NHS Charity or to donate, visit the web page.


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