Neighbourhood officers in Trafford have been running a series of bike marking events in the area, to encourage local residents to have their bike security marked and share simple steps people can take to help protect their bike from thieves.

The initiative is in response to a recent increase in bike thefts in the area, and with over 200 bikes marked with a security code at the events over the past two weeks, the aim of the initiative is not only to educate bike owners but deter would-be thieves.

Officers in the local area are also encouraging the public to come forward with any information or reports of bike thefts, so they can continue to gather intelligence to tackle the issue.

Chief Inspector Steven Prescott, from GMP’s Trafford district, said: “It’s is pleasing to see such a fantastic response from the public and high turnouts to these bike marking events. Working together with our communities is vital to us tackling crime in local areas.

“Bikes are not only an expensive item but for many, are essential for getting around day-to-day. Having one stolen can be costly, impactful on daily life and as is being a victim of any crime, distressing. I hope that these events signal not only to potential thieves, but our local community, that we are taking the issue seriously and taking proactive steps to prevent it happening.

“The bike marking that our officers are offering provide a visible deterrent to thieves and also means that your bike is registered to a database, increasing the chance of it being returned to you should it be stolen. There are also other simple steps you can take to protect your bike including using two different locks to secure it, taking removable parts with you and locking your bike as close to the stand as possible to give thieves little or no room to manoeuvre.”


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