To become one of the most respected teams on earth is not a mere joke. It involves a lot. On that note, England will start with the basics in a move that aims at bringing the team to the top. They are working hard to regain the Ashes Down Under. That is what the head coach, Chris is thinking would bring light into his team.

The coach is already set to assist skipper Joe Root to earn consistent success. This is set to occur in a test team that has turned outrageously under Trevor Bayliss, who has left. 

The white ball team winning of the world cup came at the cost of a test team. This team was ever in danger of defeat for under a hundred. 

Chris Silverwood, who has earned a promotion from being a bowling coach, says that his very first task is to help Joe. He is passionate about supporting Joe and ensuring the test team begins to move forward. He is hoping that the team will make a significant impact when they depart for Australia. 

He is striving to make a team that can stack runs up and exerts much pressure on. It demands a lot of effort, but the good thing is that he is ready for that. He believes that to make a team that can beat out the opponents, the right people should be in the right positions. It may sound like an old school strategy, but he is sure it will make a huge impact. 

He recalls how the Aussies made their lives difficult this summer. This is one of the key reasons why he wants to have a team that can bat long periods. A purely relentless bowling attack is what he believes shall be his priority. 

He has yet had a long conversation with Joe, and they have already come into consensus on how to take the Test team ahead.  Graham Thorpe and Paul Collingwood will be two of the expected three assistants. The third will be a bowling coach whose appointment may happen soon. However, Jon Lewis, a former England bowler who has been helping the young Lions, is probably expected to be the appointee. 

He also pointed out that the midnight curfew remains in place. This applies to all the players and all the staff on duty. Respect, however, remains the keyword in observance. He said that it is how you win that helps a team earn respect. Respecting the opposition, keeping the culture, and winning in a unique way is a sure way to become role models.


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