Harrop Fold School will once again be the star of the show as Channel Four has announced a second series which looks to explore the challenges and triumphs of teenage life today.

The BAFTA and Emmy award winning ‘Educating’ series has given viewers years of moving, funny and dramatic insights into school life and Channel 4 has commissioned a new series at Harrop Fold.

Filmed continuously across the school year, there will be even greater opportunities than before to cover the experiences and the daily lives of HF students. In addition, the series will follow the hard work of the staff at the school, led by Headteacher Drew Povey. The series aims to follow the drama of teenage life over the school year with returning student characters to give viewers a funny, loveable and warm insight into life in a modern British School.

Nick Mirsky, Head of Documentaries said; “It’s fantastic to be returning to Harrop Fold. It is an extraordinary school full of characterful students and a very dedicated team of teachers and support staff. And we are confident that everyone there has a lot more to tell us about school life in Britain today.“

Drew Povey Executive Headteacher at Harrop Fold continued; “We were delighted by the reaction to Educating Greater Manchester. We are immensely proud of Team Harrop and believe there is so much more to share and celebrate about this unique school and special community that it serves. We are keen to highlight the great work that schools are doing in the UK and shine a light on the challenging social issues that all teachers help students deal with in today’s society.”


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