Calling all virtual pros! The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is offering fans the chance to face the maze from the comfort of their homes with an all-new virtual game – Dome From Home.

Now up and running, teams can take part in sixteen brand-new mental, mystery, skill and physical challenges led by their very own Maze Master.

For the past six or so months, the public has attempted to cope with lockdown through unprecedented amounts of banana bread baking, TV series binging, trivia quizzing and some very questionable home haircuts.

It is safe to say that something new is needed to keep people entertained and Dome From Home offers a crystal clear alternative!

Just like the live-action experience and the popular 90s TV show, Dome From Home offers groups of up to eight per team the chance to travel through a virtual tour of The Crystal Maze’s famous four zones – Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval whilst facing a range of challenges against the clock.

Once the whole team has made it to the end, players will finish off by taking on the Virtual Crystal Dome to try and collect as many gold and as little silver tokens as possible.

From only £15pp, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience: Dome From Home offers a new and amusing way for families or groups of friends to beat the boredom with some brain-busting, team-building experiences led by their very own Maze Master guide, who will keep the game entertaining from start to finish.

To play The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience: Dome From Home and to get a quote, click here.


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