With Manchester full of Christmas Cheer, the latest Discuss event is looking to pour scorn on the Yuletide merriment.

Consumerism has killed Christmas asks whether in the noise and haste of everyday life have we forgotten about the real meaning of the festival and debates what do the Christmas adverts tell us this year? The use of the football match on the battlefield of World War One by Sainsbury and the different versions of aspirational modern life by John Lewis, Asda and Boots.

Or, actually, has the winter festival come full circle, Roman and pagan rituals and festivals with no particular religious meaning, simply there to cheer us all up in the depths of winter.

We are promised a debate about the real meaning of Christmas. For the motion, Rev Pete Horlock, Ministry to Business, the first ever ordained minister dedicated to serving the needs of the Manchester city centre business community and Tom Cannon, Business School Professor

While against the motion, Simon Sinclair, Raving Adman and Mary Harding, Managing Director, Consumer PR, Tangerine PR.

Venue: Manchester Town Hall,
Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA
Time: 3rd December 2014, 6:30pm to 8pm


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