Delhi House Cafe aims to bring the tastes of India to Manchester. An aim in which it duly delivers to a tremendous extent. 

The staff have gone to great lengths to provide Mancunians with the flavours of their homeland. A precise selection process was undertaken to find the ideal ingredients to ensure that they can effectively deliver the complete flavour experience.

Guests are welcomed by a beautifully decorated interior with heavy influence from India adds to the experience and is topped off with the stunning terrace.

The food, where to start! Classic Indian flavours that we have all become accustomed to and love but taken to another level with much more elegance and added layers.

Our experience started with a lamb keema samosa. The samosa itself was deconstructed and accompanied by masala yoghurt and mint and tamarind chutney.

This was followed by a truly deliciously spiced lamb chop cooked in the tandoor oven with beetroot puree and granny smiths slaw. A truly stand out part of the menu with the meat being so flavoursome and tender.

We were then given a selection of White Rhino beers which is India’s first craft brewery which was established in 2016. Another aspect of the experience that adds to the authenticity.

The next course was a lamb pepper fry with a kulcha bread and potato straws. Melt in your mouth lamb with a soft bread with crispy potatoes for texture.

Then the mains were brought to the table. A nice selection of rice, two curries and a freshly prepared naan bread. The bread, which is homemade, was tremendous.

The two curries – chicken ghee butter, a curry which is prepared without onions and tomatoes makes it unique. A great rich flavour with soft juicy chicken. And a lovely tawa dal tadka.

A dessert made with chilli finished the meal which showed how versatile a chilli can be. A trick on the palate as elements of sweetness and subtle heat marry together for an interesting pudding.

Delhi House Cafe offers something completely different in terms of Indian cuisine. Modern twists and a genuine snapshot of the current food trends of the country. Definitely one to watch.

The restaurant, which is housed in the Corn Exchange opens this summer and is taking reservations online now here.


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