Dakota Grill's ‘best kept secret’ – an exclusive surprise dish which is adored by ‘in the know’ guests has received praise online

Luxury boutique hotel group, Dakota Hotels, which has properties in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell, Manchester and Leeds, has revealed their ‘best kept secret’ – an exclusive surprise dish which is adored by ‘in the know’ guests. 

Dakota Hotels, famed for its destination restaurant, Dakota Grill, serves up reimagined classic dishes with an award-winning twist – but one dish in particular has captured the hearts and taste buds of guests.  

Served across all five hotels, the Signature Venetian Dip & Bread, is an appetizer of hot tomato compote topped with a layer of melting creamy goat’s cheese served in a skillet, accompanied with warm freshly baked bread. 

Despite its popularity, the dish doesn’t appear on the A La Carte menu, which has led to it being dubbed Dakota Grill’s ‘best kept secret’.

Whilst the Signature Venetian Dip & Bread maintains a low-profile on the menu, the dish has gained widespread recognition and earned a reputation as Dakota Hotel’s ‘must try’ dish – sending guests flocking for a taste at their local Dakota hotel.

It’s proven so popular, that the dish is now one of Dakota’s most talked about dishes, with scores of customers reaching out via phone, email and social media to request the ingredients and tips on how they can recreate the oozing dish at home. 

Dakota Hotels, which is known for its stylish interiors and top-class food offering, often showcases the secret dish across its social media channels, with Dakota Manchester recently posting a shot of the dish, alongside the caption “If you know, then you most definitely do know.”  

The post was met with a host of comments from followers declaring their love for the dish, with comments such as “This is a great way to start a meal, so delicious and tasty”, and “I thrilled my guests with this delicious dish”, showcasing immense appreciation amongst Dakota guests. 

The Signature Venetian Dip & Bread isn’t the only adored dish on the menu, iconic favourites including Dakota’s Duck Salad with watermelon, cashews & sesame and Monkfish Curry with rice, raita and Kachumba have also become firm favourites, with guests regularly requesting the recipes to recreate at home. 

Sam Karle, Executive Head Chef at Dakota Hotels, said, “When creating a dish for our menu, we always have the same aim in mind, for it to become a favourite amongst guests. But we’ve never seen anything like the love for our Signature Venetian Dip & Bread.  

 The dish isn’t on our A La Carte menu, it’s a dish we like to surprise our guests with when dining at our in-hotel destination restaurant, The Grill. 

 It just goes to show that reputation can easily make a dish speak for itself. We have guests returning time and time again to enjoy the dish and even visit Dakota Hotels in different cities to enjoy the goodness of the Signature Venetian Dip & Bread.”


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