The percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus is likely to have levelled off in the week ending 20 March 2021.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics estimate that 162,500 people within the community population in England had COVID-19  equating to around 1 in 340 people.

In Wales it is equating to around 1 in 450 people and in Northern Ireland around 1 in 320 people.

In Scotland, the percentage of people testing positive increased over the two weeks up to 20 March 2021,equating to around 1 in 240 people.

The figures also suggest that Covid-19 infection levels among children of secondary school age in England have increased slightly.

The percentage of children in school years 7 to 11 likely to have tested positive for Covid-19 in the week to March 20 is 0.43 per cent, up from 0.32 per cent the previous week.

Meanwhile The UK’s R number, the rate at which each infected person transmits the virus – has gone up.It has risen to 0.7-0.9, from 0.6-0.9 last week.


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