The British Vets Association has responded to rumours circulating that all cats should be kept indoors during the Covid-19 epidemic.

In a statement the Association said that contrary to some news reports this morning, we’re NOT advising that all cats be kept indoors during the pandemic. Only cats from infected or self-isolating households should be kept indoors as a precaution, if possible.

The report came from BBC News , the headline of the article suggested that veterinary advice was to keep all cats indoors, but BVA has explained this advice is only in relation to cats in infected households or where people are self-isolating.

“It’s incredibly important that information and advice for the public is clear and we regret that this news story will have caused worry and upset amongst cat owners.2 said BVA President Daniella Dos Santos

“We are not advising that all cats are kept indoors. Only cats from infected households or where their owners are self-isolating, and only if the cat is happy to be kept indoors. Some cats cannot stay indoors due to stress-related medical reasons.

“There have been a tiny number of cases of Covid-19 in animals and in all cases, it is likely that the transmission was human to animal. There is no evidence that pets can pass Covid-19 to their owners.

“From the small number of cases it appears that dogs do not show symptoms, but cats can show clinical signs of the disease.”


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