Having been overwhelmed with fear and anxiety at the start of lockdown, founder of Manchester’s PACE Development – Jo Britton – has used this experience to develop the MOJO Method, which combines evidence-based coaching and neuroscience to help parents, key workers, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and employees to ‘get their mojo back’.

The MOJO Method will first launch as a 14-day Mojo Challenge on Monday 7 September 2020 and can develop into a longer-term programme involving more focused, one-to-one coaching.

In essence, it will guide exhausted, anxious and stressed out individuals through resetting and rebooting their brain and body so they can calmly and confidently navigate their way through the rest of 2020.

Participants will be taken through a four-part framework that starts with Motivation – finding focus and motivation -and sustaining it; Overcoming Obstacles – finding those internal and external obstacles that stops you from taking action; Joyful Possibilities – enabling you to move from negativity bias to plausibility and Oomph – finding your energy to become a sustained action taker.

The Mojo Challenge is a 14-day taster that can help people bounce back from the chaos and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will involve webinars, daily practices to improve stress and emotional regulation and support from others in the Mojo Tribe.

The MOJO Method was developed by the founder and coach of award-winning PACE Development, Manchester’s Jo Britton who, after experiencing extreme fear and anxiety at the start of lockdown when most of her regular corporate work disappeared overnight, used the toolkit she had gathered as a coach to get moving and take action.

A more buoyant but calm Jo then used these learnings to innovate and develop the MOJO Method, which aims to help people and organisations bounce back productively and effectively.

“Back in March, I felt such high levels of panic that for a short while I could hardly function – I couldn’t get dressed, was having panic attacks and cried constantly.

I’d had a successful corporate career prior to setting up my own business and have always been very driven, but this time I was stuck.  I had to make a choice – I could either stay this way and watch my business go down the pan or take back control.  I chose the latter and used the toolkit I had as a coach to get my mojo back and pivot my business in a calm, productive and healthy way.   I’ve now used all this research, training and skills to create the MOJO Method and help others do the same.

This pandemic has been exhausting for many and is having a profound effect on mental health. And because we can’t be certain of how things will pan out, many of us are living in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze. Not only can this lower our immune systems – something we don’t want when the COVID virus is around –  it can also affect our confidence and motivation.  Living in this fear response long-term can also set us up for more serious health conditions.  That’s why it’s so important that everyone has access to tools that can help mind and body cope with the on-going disruption and chaos of the pandemic.

The Mojo Challenge is brilliant for those people who are tired of worrying, whether that’s because their business has been struggling, they’ve been made redundant or they’re simply exhausted by keeping too many plates spinning.   When you sign up  you will meet others in the Mojo Tribe who are in a similar position.   With me as a guide, we will work together to set the result you want to achieve by the end of the 14 days.  You’ll also take part in fun daily tasks designed to lift you and refill your mojo cup. The Mojo Tribe that you’ll be part of will provide encouragement and help keep you accountable.”

(Jo Britton)

The 14-day challenge involves a live webinar or daily practice challenge and live coaching in an online community, before ending with a celebration event and guidance on the next steps.

PACE Development in Manchester helps people and organisations achieve results with clarity and confidence and without the self-doubt and burnout, using a fresh approach that combines the fields of evidence-based coaching, neuroscience, personal branding and the performing arts.

To find out more or sign up for the 14-day Mojo Challenge from Monday 7 September 2020, for just £65, please click here.



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