Manchester’s New Arena Co-op live has been forced to cancel its opening night event with Peter Kaye which was due to go ahead tomorrow and Wednesday

The announcement follows issued arising out of the test gig on Saturday night with work still to be completed ahead of the venue being given its safety certificate by the council

The issue centres around the availabilty of power to the site

In a statement a spokesperson for the venue said

Following our first test event on Saturday, regretfully we have made the difficult decision to reschedule our two opening performances by Peter Kay. These dates will move from 23 April and 24 Wednesday to Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 April.

“It is critical to ensure we have a consistent total power supply to our fully electric sustainable venue, the completion of which is a few days behind. Rescheduling gives us the extra time we need to continue testing thoroughly. This is vital to satisfy the rigorous set of guidelines and protocols that are necessary for a venue of this



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