The Greater Manchester prison that was criticised for having one of the worst daily routines inspectors said they had ever seen in a report last year is making the news again.

This time a jailed crack dealer has posted shocking videos and photos of a wild Christmas party with his fellow inmates on Instagram.

Footage includes drug taking and bare-knuckle brawls.

“The footage and pictures show inmates at HMP Hindley in Wigan dancing and making gun signs, while one lag shouts: “This is how we do it Christmas in Hindley boys “according to the Daily Mirror which adds:

The red Santa hat-wearing inmates posed for group pictures, with the captions “Crimbo day. In hmp hindley” and “The team crimbo day”.

One photo says the paper,

“appears to show a block of cannabis resin. Facey commented “100 g of polly manz nice for crimbo” and a friend replied “Do us a q on tick la”.

Back in November, the prison’s Inspectorate concluded that the levels of violence in Hindley, often fuelled by the destructive effects of drugs – particularly new psychoactive substances (NPS) – were not likely to be controlled or minimised by the regime that was currently in place.

The Inspectors concluded that it was far easier to get hold of drugs in Hindley than it was to get clean clothes, sheets or books from the library.

The Instagram account has since been taken down


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