Karhoo, the new cab comparison and booking app that has signed up hundreds of thousands of licensed taxis and private hire cabs across the world, today launches in Manchester, offering passengers more choice with every cab booking.
The app, which has the backing of the United Kingdom Trade Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), gives customers access to more licensed black cabs, minicabs and executive cars than any other app in the UK.

It is available in Manchester two months after launching in London, where it has proved a huge success for fleets across the capital. Many, big and small, are reporting revenue increases of between 20-30 per cent and are rehiring drivers to cope with the increased demand.

Karhoo, which has significant funding, a scalable model and a UK network of more than 90,000 cabs, has already signed up fleets in Manchester including Call A Car, Manchester Cars, MCR Kingsway, Passenger Cars Group and StreetCars, with many more to come.

Naeem Hamid, MD of Manchester Cars, said: “We have seen what Karhoo has done for the industry in London and, for us, it was a simple decision to join Karhoo. At a time when we are seeing work being taken away from local firms by other apps, Karhoo gives us the chance to get more rides that we did not have access to before.”

Aqeel Arshad, Operations Director at StreetCars, said: “There has been so much disruption to the industry lately and joining Karhoo allows us to make sure we are part of the future.”

Karhoo is a vendor-neutral platform for licensed and accredited fleets that allows passengers to compare cabs by price, proximity and vehicle style. Consumers can book months in advance, choose immediate pick-up and make multiple bookings, giving both local and national operators access to thousands more customers.

With transparent pricing and no surge, prices will not be inflated, no matter how busy it gets.                                                                                                 

Daniel Ishag, CEO and Founder of Karhoo, said: “We are delighted to be launching in Manchester, one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Karhoo will gives passengers more choice and transparency when booking a cab and, with our ever-growing network of local operators, Karhoo will make it easier to book a ride than ever before”.

“Karhoo is a game-changer, giving the booking.com generation the smartest way to choose and book a cab ride. Over the last 15 years, millions have been spent by industries educating consumers about comparison services. Hotels, airlines and insurance companies all use comparison sites but ground transportation was lagging behind, until now.”

Derek Goodwin, Head of UKTI GEP and Alpesh Patel, Dealmaker, GEP, said: “Karhoo is a great example of the type of tech company that the Global Entrepreneur Programme is designed to help – a serial entrepreneur with a great business, the opportunity to grow quickly and access advanced markets all over the world.”

Karhoo, which has offices in London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Singapore, has already secured a global network of 550,000 local taxis, minicabs and executive cars from accredited operators.

By the end of the year it will have a million licensed cabs in 30 cities across the globe, and a hundred cities within a year as established operators flock to sign up to the app that is changing the landscape of the on-demand transport industry forever.

Karhoo will soon be available in many major cities across the UK from Glasgow to Brighton.


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