English is a universal language. Findings have shown that over 1 billion people from various parts of the world speak English. That is about 20% of the world’s population. English comes second after Mandarin Chinese in the list of the most spoken languages in the world. It is widely spoken in the United States and Britain. There are so many dialects of the English language with British English and American English being the most common ones. You need to brush your English and enjoy the benefits that come with learning the language. Several institutions are offering such courses abroad. The UK is one of the best places for those who want to learn the language abroad. You can enroll in English courses in Manchester where you will have a variety of programs to pick.

Benefits of Learning English

Learning this language can be beneficial to you in several ways which include:

Improves Your Employment Potential

Being good in English will make you more marketable in the employment market. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world and employers will be looking for someone who can interact with their clients from various parts of the continent. Being good in this language will be a great advantage on your side.

Smooth Interactions

You will have an easy time interacting with people if you are fluent in this language. There are instances you may travel to various parts of the world, and you may want to communicate with the locals. English being a universal language will see you have an easy time talking to them. The internet has also made the world a global village. You can chat or have a video call with people from various parts of the continent. Understanding this language will also see you interact with various people smoothly.

Improved Writing Skills

Learning English can also help boost your writing skills. You will become more fluent and understand the different vocabularies that will make you become a better speaker. This can be very beneficial to those who are still in school. It can help you in writing your essays or thesis fluently to earn more marks.

Immigration Benefits

There are instances you may want to switch your citizenship to another country. Well, it is a requirement in some of them like the United States where you have to be good at English. You can be subjected to English tests in the process of acquiring the country’s citizenship. Learning and understanding the language will see you pass easily.

Picking the Right School

There are so many schools where you can enroll for your English language course. With so many options at hand, you may find a difficult time picking the best. Here is what you should consider in order to choose the best.


The school you want to pick have the right accreditation or recognition from the relevant education bodies. Having the right accreditation means the school offers some quality, recognized English programs. Different countries have their accreditation bodies that you should be familiar with when looking for a school offering this program. Going for one that is certified will guarantee you peace of mind. You will also have a place where you can seek help in case of any challenges.


You also need to consider the location when choosing a school offering English courses. There are so many countries that you can opt for around the world. Many usually prefer the UK because it is highly regarded as the home of English language. You will also learn more about their culture. Other countries you can opt for include the United States, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa. A school that is located in the outskirts of the city is also the best for improved concentration and understanding.

Size of Class

It is another thing that matters most when looking for a school offering this language. Some schools tend to admit many people, and you might be overly congested in your class. Being too many in one class will deny you the level of attention you need. Some schools only consider a specific number of students per class. Confirm the number when applying for your course.


You should also make sure the school you want to apply for your English courses has the right facilities for your learning. Visit the institution and confirm whether all what you may require is available. You can even confirm through their website, although presenting yourself physically is the best option. They should have a library that is fully equipped with different literature books that can be beneficial for your learning. Some of them have theatre halls where you can watch some English plays or films which will help you understand the language better.

Ethnic Mix

A good school should have people from various nationalities which can be vital in your learning. Cultural diversification in such schools will help you learn more from each other. It will create that good learning environment, and you will understand more about the world. This will help you practice more English.

Teaching Methodologies

You should also consider the teaching methodologies used by a particular institution before enrolling for such a course. Get to know how they teach and whether they have qualified lecturers. They should all be equipped with the right teaching materials accredited by the relevant bodies. All this will help you choose the right institution and become good in this language.


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