Sprucing up your living space is a great way to make your home feel brand-new, and although you can hire decorators and handymen to do these kinds of jobs for you, being able to do them yourself is greatly beneficial. You dont have to wait for someone else to fit you into their schedule and it will save you money, too. Although certain home improvements will require the expertise of a specialist tradesman, here are 5 DIY projects you can teach yourself to do.

1. Retiling the Bathroom or Kitchen

Having beautiful tiles in your bathroom can make the room look magnificent. If you want to give your bathroom a makeover this might be one of the first things that come to mind. Cover your bathroom floor and other fixtures with sheets to protect them from dust and damage, then using a bolster and chisel remove the tiles from the wall. Always do this from an angle to avoid damaging the brickwork behind the tiles. You will need to remove any remaining grout and thin-set mortar behind them. Make sure the surface is smooth before you start putting up the new tiles. You can also retile your kitchens backsplash and walls yourself.  

2. Build New Storage Units

Sometimes it feels like there is never enough storage space in your home. Even after a good de-cluttering, you might still be left with items and not know where to store them neatly. This is why learning how to build storage units can be a useful skill to have. You might decide to purchase cabinets and shelving units from home stores like Ikea and put them together yourself, but knowing how to create these kinds of storage units yourself allows you to create custom made ones that will fit your needs. You might need to stock up on nuts and bolts for this project, which you can find in this online store.

3. Revamp Your Garden

Having a great outdoor space at home is just as important as a fabulous interior. While planting some pretty flowers will help cheer it up, if you want to make more significant changes think about learning how to build a summerhouse for sheltered outdoor seating. You could also learn how to lay a patio or build some planters for your flowers.

4. Install Hardwood Flooring

Another great update to your home is having hardwood floors installed. A good quality carpet is great, but theres something about wooden flooring that has a more dramatic effect, and sometimes it can be easier to maintain. You can install hardwood floors yourself but this job might require a helping hand from someone else.

5. Reseal Your Windows

The seals around your windows must stay in good condition to make sure your home is insulated. It can also help to reduce problems with damp and mould. Its quite easy to reseal your windows by yourself, just make sure youre buying the right kind of silicone to do this with and give it plenty of time to set.

Sometimes its necessary to call in a professional, but if youre sticking to a budget or want to learn some new skills, these 5 DIY home improvement projects are a good place to start.


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