Boris Johnson challenged Labour to vote for a general election as he told MPs the Supreme Court was ‘wrong to pronounce on a political question at a time of great national controversy’.

In angry scenes in the House of Commons, Johnson claimed the “paralysed” Parliament will keep “sabotaging” Brexit negotiations

It’s absolutely no disrespect to the judiciary but I think the court was wrong,’ he told MP’s accusing the opposition of being “unwilling to move aside” – they “do not trust the people”

Johnson attacked the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn saying he “changes his mind so often” and suggests he is “singularly obsessed” with stopping Brexit”

@Let’s get Brexit done so we can deal with the people’s priorities” he said , challenging opposition parties to call a confidence vote that could trigger a general election.

Johnson also claimed that there was a passage in Corbyn’s Labour conference speech calling for an election now but it was taken out by the “Stasi”

In reply Jeremy Corbyn said that “Just like his illegal prorogation of Parliament, the Prime Minister’s statement is “null, of no effect, and should be quashed.” –

Jeremy Corbyn told the Prime Minister he should resign, but said he would only back an election if Johnson secured an extension to Article 50 while Liberal  Democrat leader Jo Swinson said her party would try to force Johnson to request the extension sooner than the current deadline of 19 October.

Greater Manchester MP Angela Rayner tweeted:

The PM straight into bluff and bluster, absolutely no shame whatsoever, no apology, nothing new, the same hackneyed arrogant, dismissive attitude to Parliament. Acting like the unlawful proroguing of Parliament never happened, a failing Tory PM already running out of ideas”

While Liz McInnes said that The Prime Minister of the UK truly believes he is above the law. He should resign.

“Disgusting attitude from the Prime Minister. He’s cracking jokes and chuckling away the day after being found out for misleading the Queen and unlawfully suspending an elected Parliament. says Leigh MP Jo Platt


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