Nowadays, every company, celebrity, and public figure has a Facebook page. With their posts, they all try to show to their followers what they are up to, share updates and snippets from their daily lives. Celebrities, in particular, use their social media as a way to express themselves and get closer to their audience. You can take the following celebrities as an example, to learn how you can communicate with your community. If you develop content like theirs and buy Facebook followers cheap, then you will be on the road to success.  

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo

Followers: 126 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese football player and he is the most followed celebrity on Facebook. He regularly posts selfies alone, with his fellow football players, and his family. Moreover, he shares content from the various brands he collaborates with.  

#2 Shakira

Followers: 99 million

Shakira tries to engage with her audience by sharing vlogs on a regular basis. Moreover, she posts news on her music, her upcoming lives, as well as covers of songs. 

#3 Vin Diesel

Followers: 94 million

On his Facebook page, Vin Diesel is mostly promoting his work. He regularly posts trailers, scenes, teasers, and magazine covers. This page is a great place for his audience to learn about his upcoming movies.

#4 Will Smith

Followers: 94 million

Will Smith is very active on his Facebook page. He shares videos, sketches, comments on social issues, vlogs, and all types of content to engage with his audience. Will Smith’s Facebook page can give you good ideas to interact with your community. Create quality content and then buy Facebook followers cheap to boost it.

#5 Lionel Messi

Followers: 93 million

Lionel Messi’s Facebook page is all about his team, FC Barcelona. Additionally, he posts a lot of content in video format to promote his partnerships. However, the famous footballer doesn’t miss a chance to also promote charities, like Unicef.

#6 Rihanna

Followers: 86 million

Rihanna uses her Facebook page to raise her voice about various social issues. In addition to this, she also posts videos and pictures to promote her brand, Fenty. Some of Rihanna’s most popular content features makeup tutorials. Therefore, if you want to establish a beauty page, you should take notes from these videos. 

#7 Eminem

Followers: 82 million

Eminem uses his Facebook page to promote all of his latest work. His audience sees regularly videos and teaser of the rapper’s upcoming albums and lives, as well as every new merchandise. 

#8 Justin Bieber

Followers: 80 million

Justin Bieber is very active on this platform. He regularly posts videos, vlogs, and pictures. The popular singer also has an original Facebook Watch series, titled “The Biebers”, along with his wife. 

#9 Taylor Swift

Followers: 72 million

Even though Taylor Swift has 72 million followers, she doesn’t post regularly. All of her posts are about her music and her concerts. 

Every celebrity has a different style of approaching his community. You can check all of the above to find out how you can apply it to your own followers. However, don’t forget to buy Facebook followers cheap so that you can make your posts succeed.


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