Arden & Moore are proud to announce a brand-new pop-up horror experience coming to Manchester over the festive period.

Survive the Nightmare is set to blur the lines between theatre and sound design, creating a profoundly immersive sonic performance which will take audiences to the depths of their imagination. This scare attraction is a truly alternative festive experience for those who like their cheer in the form of screams.

Housed inside a shipping container, audiences will face their fears as they experience extreme scares in total darkness, following the sinister journey of a young couple moving into a dilapidated old Victorian house.

Whilst trying to make their new home habitable for the festivities, mysterious things begin to happen, and they start to uncover that sometimes the gifts passed down from loved ones come bearing dark secrets.

In this spine-tingling, unsettling thriller the horror often lies in what cannot be seen, as it is slowly revealed what lingers in the dark. Audiences will be able to test their nerve at one of ten twenty-minute experiences a day, taking place from 3pm – 9pm from 29th November 2019 – 12th January 2020 at a secret central Manchester location.

Given the nature of the attraction, the experience is strictly for those aged sixteen and above.

Writer and director Thomas Moore commented, “I’ve always wanted to make a truly terrifying show that appeals to thrill-seekers who want to go beyond watching a horror film and experience one. I can’t wait to share our nightmare with Manchester audiences and terrify the wits out of them.”


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