A local manufacturer is offering to help front line workers, by providing critical protective equipment and supplies.

Quest Personal Care (QPC), is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of personal care products, based in Bury.  The business has instructed their factory to make more stock of vital products in particular hand sanitiser so it can be donated to organisations that need it.

Antony Wagman, CEO and owner of the firm is a well-known figure in the community who has been supporting local charities and community initiatives for the last 30 years. Antony said: “As a family-owned and run business that has always been based in the North West, we want to help local organisations and their front-line workers.  We’ve instructed the factory to develop more stock of critical products which we want to make available to key hospitals and hospices.  We have a batch of 6,000 face masks and 80 litres in jerry cans of hydrogen peroxide sanitiser, which we would like to donate to any key workers who need it.”

In the last few weeks, the Wagman family, in particular Antony’s son, Jamie Wagman have been personally delivering face masks to local organisations in need.  It was while doing this work and receiving requests for more donations that it was apparent what a huge shortage there was, so QPC took steps to develop more supplies to tackle the shortages of vital items.

The sanitiser called Hand Brand, is an alcohol-free product using stabilised hydrogen peroxide, a far more effective destroyer of bugs than alcohol.  The liquid is made in the UK and fully certified. The product is a general-purpose disinfectant and H202 is Biocidal Product Regulated: ECHA class PT1, which is for cleaning products that can be used on human skin.

QPC has over 160, five litre jerry cans to give away, and Antony is personally hoping to help over 80 organisations.

Antony has also been rallying local businesses to help support the hospitals and hospices and is hoping to both inspire and join forces with companies to provider large scale support to vital front-line workers.

Antony said: “At this time of crisis it’s vital that businesses come together to support key workers and help protect them.  Any business that has a surplus of potential PPE equipment or disinfectant, I‘d urge them to follow our lead and donate any product they can.”

Front line organisations which need the sanitiser can contact Antony direct on

0161 359 4050 or email aw@qpcglobal.com



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