As the backlash against the leaking of the Government’s proposals for local lockdowns in the North of England continues, the Major of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said that the Government was losing the dressing room in the North

“What they are doing is imposing rather than negotiating and there is a very big difference, when we know millions of people’s lives will be affected by these ratings if the support package isn’t good enough that will mean restrictions without the help people will need. That will just cause massive damage to people’s lives here across the North of England.” he told the programme

“If we have a tier system imposed without the levels of support, we will be levelled down throughout this winter, not up. I cannot accept that and I am sure no other northern leader can accept that. This has got to change.”

He later tweeted

The first time I heard that all bars and restaurants across the North are to close was when I read it in the Times. I’ve had two meetings with Cabinet Ministers this week along with other Mayors and it wasn’t mentioned once.”

On BBC Radio Manchester he added ““Don’t do something without showing us the evidence. I don’t want to come on here and say to any resident of Greater Manchester that I don’t know the reason why the Government has done something.”


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