BRITISH sweet maker Swizzels, based in New Mills, has launched a new campaign to see just how creative their sweet-toothed customers can be.

Marshmallow and grilled cheese sandwich anyone? Combining the raspberry and milk flavour of Swizzels’ iconic Drumstick Lolly with the texture of a fluffy marshmallow, Marvellous Mallows have divided opinion, with fans calling the combo either genius or crazy.

Mallows Sausage Roll anyone?

Now the company is pushing the boundaries of inventiveness with its new #MarvellousOrMadness campaign which launched on Saturday 1 April. The campaign invites people to share their mallow-inspired concoctions and recipes via social media in return for a mix of ‘marvellous or madness’ prizes including spa days and skydives.

Holly Drescher, brand manager, said: “Everyone thinks about toasting marshmallows around a bonfire and making s’mores but there are so many other ways they can be enjoyed.

“Someone in our team swears they taste great melted in a grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but apparently this combo tastes great! We’re hoping to uncover some regional favourites and possibly a winning combination that becomes a future classic.

“Our fans love thinking outside the box and we’re looking to them to come up with unusual food pairings that they’ve never dared try before.”

Our marshmallow pizza nearly gave us a diabetic shock….

With a MRRP of £1.15, Marvellous Mallows are available in Morrisons, Home Bargains, B&M, Nisa, Spar, Amazon and independent grocery shops. They are fat free and contain no artificial colours.

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