While monumental Mancunians used geometry to create waterproof clothing and marched for female suffrage, some important scientists are missing from our history books.

Now a free event this Sunday at the People’s History Museum as part of Manchester’s Science festival and Making Colours seeks to correct that omission.

Warp and Weft will be inviting members of the public to create a banner celebrating the life of some of those forgotten female heroes.

Among them Mary Anning, palaeontologist and fossil hunter who unearthed new specimens on England’s Jurassic coast at the end of the eighteenth century, Margaret Murray, who filled Manchester Museum with Egyptian artefacts and Lydia Becker, who when not campaigning for women rights, was a self taught botanist who corresponded with Darwin.

Big-Up Female Boffins, Sunday 26 October 2014, 3.00pm – 4.30pm People’s History Museum

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